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Friday, September 17, 2010

Simple Diary

Nothing to do....
Do i Look like really sleeping?? hahahaha...
nothing to do... The light is came from to my lamp shade..
nyaaa.... i love my pillowcase.. it's design by me.. hahaha...


weeee... Itadakimasu!!! Oishi.. we eat in "all you can"
hahaha... i really like these food... it's really yummy... Siopao, chicken, Kimbap, Butshi, Java rice, and sweet and sour meat.. hehehehe... it's really awesome.. i hope we can back there for family reunion... hahaha.. Thanks for the food... Okagesamade...

This is my bed with my lampshade.. waahhh.. i really miss my monkey..
and my teddy.. i hope they okey..


We are in ilog.. hahaha.. River?? niyahahha... we take a bath here.. but me no... because this day was cold... and i don't have a extra clothes to wear it.. i only wet my shorts and half of my body..
hehehehe... it was a really nice place...
i have many taken photos here in this place..

This is my laptop, cellphone, ipod, mp4, mp3, and digital camera..
My Parents bought this for me except for the violet cellphone im the one who bought it for my self... i really thankful.. hehehehe....
waaahhhh.... This is really valuable things for me... They really useful to communicate to my friends and family.. and taking photos..
thank you to you to my lovable parents.. muwahhh...

I'm with my sleeping bear... waahhh.. i miss him so much.. my sleeping bear name is "HUGS"
 he has a sounds... he is snoring  hahahha.. when you push his pillow.. hehehe
My Uncle bought it for me.. a Christmas gift.. Thanks to him.. hehehe... 

Till here... hehehe... Thanks for viewing my post.. and thank you for
visiting my blog.. take care always..
"Buddha Bless you"
"Kung Fu shaolin Shaw Brother"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going to Province

The night before we go to Province. Taking picture with my 2nd dog "pitchi"

 The day we go to province yehey!! i didn't yet comb my hair. hahaha..

 At the Bus.. hahaha.. it's boring so i take some pictures of me..

Looking outside the window.. and take some picture of views.

I take some pictures of house under the bridge.. i really salute them. how they can live there??
Because sometimes it's rainy and the water is goes up.. i hope they were alright..
I take some photo too, while the bus is running i take a picture of a truck.. hehehe...
really cool for me...

At last we arrived.. yipee... taking picture with my cousin's..
hahahaha.. i love taking pictures with them...
That's for now...
September 15, 2010 9:19pm...
Nozomi Kizumi Kawashi..

Monday, August 30, 2010

How are you my Friends?

Yay!! Introduction First 
 It's me Nozomi Kawashi. But sometimes they call in school Kizumi. The other call me Sofia..
But my name is in initial of JD.. woooohh... Try to Guess it?? hahahahha..
I tell you story about my internet life.. do you want to know??
hehehehe.. i tell you some of it..
  I really met a new friends here in Friendster and Facebook..
But i will tell you the story first in my friendster account..

She is Ayas Larasati. i call her ayaneechan.. She is the first i met in Friendster... She is really nice.. She already visit here in Philippines but we can't met each other because my home is far from her where she stay.. 
"She love adventureand who loves to having fun XD XD XD wakakakaka ^_____^"

  She is Anne Catherine Usi.. i met her too in Friendster.. I visit her in Pampangga. But unfortunately we didn't met each other. But its okey because  we have some other time to met each other... She had her New Haircut..

"I love singing though I don't really show it to others." 

 This is Xiona.. She really nice too... I met her in friendster too.. but until now we have still communicating each other by facebook.. that was really cool.. hahahaha....

"Watashi wa, Nippon to Kankoku, tokuni hitobito o mite suki ^^" 

This is Riz.. I call her Rieriechan... hmm... it's been a long time sice we last talk.. i hope she be fine... But she still my friend and sister.. i think she is really busy with her school...

Her name is Fitria.. i know her a long time.. we started to be friends in friendster.. now we forward to facebook.. hehehehe...
she really love Japan..
♥私はKAT - TUNのを愛して
♥私は、J - ROCKを愛し

My story is not end here.. Here some more..
My Story in Facebook...
She is Lucia.. I call her neechan.. I met him in Facebook.. she thought that i was a boy.. because i use my crush picture on my profile. But i think it's destiny because now she is my friend and a sister too..
"chiedetemelo direttamente!!!!!!xD "  


This is Arianne Garcia. We bacame friends too.. She and Anne attend in the same school. But they don't see each other. Then i introduce them to each other now it's not a coincidence it's really a destiny.. hahaha.. 

"i love coffee. Ö you can share everything to me and i'm willing to listen.. i'm just a girl who seeks for love but i've realize that i should grow up and stop pretending 'cause life is not a fairy tale. "

This is Paula.. She live in Davao.. I met her too in facebook.. I think because of our crush. Heysay jump if im not mistaken.. hahahaha..
i call her Mouchan...
Because i older than her..

This is Akira Soma. Hmmm.. I just remember if im not mistaken im the one who add her.. but now we are friends..
hehehehe... She really love her boyfriend and her boy friends really love her too.. wish them a happy relationship...


This is Janis Shen. I call her JAnchan.. She really love K-POp..
Hmm.... She is really cute with her eye glasses..

there is nothing about me cus everything is about me too....(lame___)

This is Rongz chen. I met her by Jun Jie Qin.. Im the one who add her.. Because i like to ask him about Qin Jun JIe im a little bit curious. But now we are friends.. heheheh.. Thanks for JUn JIe QIn...

  She is Anna.. Im the one who add her too.. Hmm.. at first i thought she was a model because of her picture.. Really cool.. hahahahha... SHe is Nice Girl..

This is Chae... She is really cute.. Look at her.. She really love taking photos.. And she have her new look...

This is Chocola.. I call her Chocochan.. i met her in Facebook too.. hehehe.. She really like to take pictures too.. Like chaeChan.... 

  This is Misaki(Romina).. I call her too Imoutochan.. im older than her.. She really love anime.. So that she have many names.. hahahaha..... 

This is Kira Stamler.. i Call her Kirachan.. She have a sister name Lara stamler.. They really look like each other...

  This is Naty Taranto. I call her NAtychan.. i Met her when i post something about my crush. then from there we start chatting each other.. i tell her about my crush.. hahahha... She really a cool girl..

 This is Koizumi.. I call her Cathchan.. we have same common.. hahaha.. she love kungfu shaolin too.. and some of my crushes.. hahahah... we kidding each other about throwing some eraser, chalk, blackboard, chicken and eggs.. hahahha.. but not in real only for joking in the chat.. hahahah.. it was really fun...

She is Sin Sonia.. I call her Soniachan... Look at her she is really cute.. i met her in facebook too... Because im a really fan of kungfu shaolin i met her by that.. it's really a destiny..
She is kind... and sweet.. she really love his classmates she love her high school life..
Jia you!! to your study.. you can do it!!!

This is Ying.. I call him niichan.. hehehhee... he really love school too.. Study hard niichan.. heheheheh.. hmm.. look at his photo in his profile so cool.. hahhaha... i saw some of his photo eating.. hehehehe...

   This is Janrae.. i call him too niichan.. He love to write stories and novel like me.. He practicing too a kungfu someday we have a duel.. hahahhaha.. just kidding... hahhahaha... if we talk to each other i think our always topic is about what happened to some country.. hahhahha...
but that was really great... 


 Hahahah.. This is me.. hehehehe...
I really thankful that i met them.. For me it's a pleasured and Honor to meet someone like them..
I have many friends of course in friendster and facebook.. But here are the people who always we talk each other.. we have a facebook account.. kjmpopkawaii@yahoo.com..
But for me is not only here in facebook and friendster they are my friends.. but here in real life.. with my heart and soul.. thank you for being part of my life.. You are all my Brother and Sister not by blood but Heart and Soul... Thank you for being always there for me.. i wish our friendship last long. But don't forget i will always here for you too guys no matter what happened..  i wish that our friendship is not affected by any bad situation.. Thank you again... I love you from the bottom of my heart... muwahhhh


Wednesday, August 18, 2010



 이건 내 갈색 드레스 입니다. 내 엄마가 가져 그것을 나를 위해 , 내가 12 또는 13 살이었고. 그것 처럼 보이지만, 오래된 새. 난이 입고 절대 밖에 지금 . 그들은 말했다 청소년 어른 처럼 보이 메신저 여기에 . 하하


我马尾辫我的头发。哦!不! 我用这一点。现在我的头发恢复正常。

 これは、黒は私のためにそれをもたらした私のいとこの妻のドレス。私はこれだけ今のところ着ることはない。しかし、この来る金曜日私はボールに着用していただきます。 yehey

Sorry for my Chinese, Korean and Japanese i still study on it.. Thank you for visiting my blog..