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Friday, September 17, 2010

Simple Diary

Nothing to do....
Do i Look like really sleeping?? hahahaha...
nothing to do... The light is came from to my lamp shade..
nyaaa.... i love my pillowcase.. it's design by me.. hahaha...


weeee... Itadakimasu!!! Oishi.. we eat in "all you can"
hahaha... i really like these food... it's really yummy... Siopao, chicken, Kimbap, Butshi, Java rice, and sweet and sour meat.. hehehehe... it's really awesome.. i hope we can back there for family reunion... hahaha.. Thanks for the food... Okagesamade...

This is my bed with my lampshade.. waahhh.. i really miss my monkey..
and my teddy.. i hope they okey..


We are in ilog.. hahaha.. River?? niyahahha... we take a bath here.. but me no... because this day was cold... and i don't have a extra clothes to wear it.. i only wet my shorts and half of my body..
hehehehe... it was a really nice place...
i have many taken photos here in this place..

This is my laptop, cellphone, ipod, mp4, mp3, and digital camera..
My Parents bought this for me except for the violet cellphone im the one who bought it for my self... i really thankful.. hehehehe....
waaahhhh.... This is really valuable things for me... They really useful to communicate to my friends and family.. and taking photos..
thank you to you to my lovable parents.. muwahhh...

I'm with my sleeping bear... waahhh.. i miss him so much.. my sleeping bear name is "HUGS"
 he has a sounds... he is snoring  hahahha.. when you push his pillow.. hehehe
My Uncle bought it for me.. a Christmas gift.. Thanks to him.. hehehe... 

Till here... hehehe... Thanks for viewing my post.. and thank you for
visiting my blog.. take care always..
"Buddha Bless you"
"Kung Fu shaolin Shaw Brother"

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