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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sungkyunkwan Scandal quotes

Episode 1.

LSJ: I don’t care if you hate me, but if you say that I am wrong, I will not tolerate it.

Bookstore owner: How can a real man not even have this bit of courage, and work so hard, earning such little money?

KYH: I may live my life trying to earn the little money, But there are two things that I will definitely not do. One, is to steal another person’s ricebowl,and the other, is to have to look at those officials in the eye, and write dishonest words. If I take the exam in someone else’s place, then wouldn’t I be doing both of the above? At the same time and same place too. This isn’t the methods of a real man.

CS: If you want to get a man’s heart, you definitely cannot give it to them. Your gaze, your heart, or your touch, You definitely cannot give it to them.


A scholar that only knows words, and strong righteousness, but fails to understand the lives of normal citizens, If those who sell their words for food are considered as thieves,then are those who sell their words for power considered as loyal? If such people are allowed to handle a blade, then he would be a knife wielding murderer If there is someone who could be a thief,that person, would be me.

LSJ: My actions were somewhat impolite, seeing what a mess the examination hall was, as a scholar myself, I felt totally shamed. I am really embarassed. A lowly scholar like myself feels this way, but you elites from SungKyunKwan, do not seem to feel any shame? Yet, you are proud of the fact that you are SungKyunKwan students, and lord your way around in broad daylight.

HIS: What you say is true. The so-called true path of the scholar, if you enter SungKyunKwan, I would like to consult you on this. I will be waiting for you. But, tolerating your unruly behavior, today will be the last time.

LSJ: And tolerating your inappropriate behavior as a senior, today will be the last time as well.

YH: He’s smart, he’s good-looking. I feel oddly attracted to him. Not the one in the back. The one in front.

KING: Lee Seon Joon, you say. A son who ruins the celebratory plate of his own father. Amusing. He is an amusing kid.

PJ: However your Highness, he is the son of the Noron faction’s leader.

KING: A son of Noron. Because he is the son of the men who demoted you to SungKyunKwan, I must distance myself from him. Is that what you’re saying?

PJ: Please excuse me.

KING: That is why he interests me more.

LM: I’m glad that he is to your liking.

KING: Not only was he to my liking, the only thing that is worthwile for this body, that has been watching over SungKyunKwan all these years, is to be able to uprear talented people like your son.

LM: Regarding my son’s youthful immaturity, I hope you will excuse him for it but-

KING: There cannot be any sons from the Noron faction who are affected by today. Who is to say that education comes solely from books? The most important education comes from the family.

YH’S MOM: A government official came by. He brought it saying that someone here must have lost it during the chaos that occurred at the Examination Hall. Yoon Hee, do you know the severity of the crime you’ve committed? Using the name of someone else, and entering the Examination Hall though you’re a girl. As men and women are differentiated and the laws of the land are strict, even if you had died for your crime, you would have nothing to say for yourself.

YH: I apologize, mother.

YH’S MOM: If asked whose fault this was, I would blame myself. When you, a young girl, assured that you would repay the 100 Nyang debt, no, when you began to work under Yoon Shik’s name as a writer to pay for Yoon Shik’s medicine, I should have tried to stop you. Blinded by the need to save Yoon Shik, I almost cornered you into a dangerous place. This cannot continue any longer. From now on, live as a girl. Take shelter from the rain under the eaves of a man, and live as a girl.

YH: Mother, never again, never again will something like this happen. For the debt, I will work harder at my writing and-

YH’S MOM: Do you still not understand? In the entire land, the only women who live off of their talents are gisengs. Yoon Hee, your writing skills are poison to you.

SD: Woah, what kind of man is this beautiful? Huh, you could fall for him.

LSJ: Even if I have to search all the bookstores in this city, I must find him.

KYH: I’ve come to repay your kindness more than our debt, your Excellency.

MOW: Repay my kindness?

KYH: Your Excellency is a savior who saved my brother. However, the public will now point fingers at you for buying a young girl with money for your own pleasure. I hope that our savior is not whisked in a needless scandal because of me. Though this is not enough, if you give me more time, I will repay the rest with as much care as if I’m repaying your kindness.

MOW: Do you think I would be scared of your threats?

KYH: According to Chinese strategy books, it is wisest not to fight and keep off misfortune, and a renowned general avoids fighting the enemy he fears.If there is someone your Excellency must be afraid of, it is the public. I only believed that as the Minister of War for this country, you would choose to keep off misfortune.

MOW: A girl who knows her strategy well. Good. You’re better than I expected. Yes, what you’ve said is true. I was being thoughtless. So I think it would be best if you repay your debts right now. Before the public becomes aware of it. Right now. Also, I like that strong and fast mind of yours. It is not wrong for a man to pursue a woman he has in mind. So, I must make you my wife.

KYH: Thank you. I was able to avoid misfortune thanks to you. Thank you so much. Um- Let me repay your kindness.

MJS: Repayment. If you want to do that, never appear in front of me ever again. I don’t want to see a dim-witted person like you again. Don’t bow your head to anyone. Don’t kneel for anyone. It will become a habit. Once it becomes a habit, it will be hard to fix.

LM: The world now has its eyes on you. Everyone will wait for your mistakes. That is what happens when you go into government service. Remember this, the most foolish man in the world is the man who boasts of his wisdom. If the road of a scholar is one that polishes wisdom..Going into government service begins with hiding that wisdom.

LSJ: I do not wish to hide it. You said that opening the meaning of books to the world was the job of a government office. However, if I must hide my wisdom and through away my principles, what makes it anything other than hunting for that government post?

LM: You wish to attain power yet keep your honor. It is not a bad thing. However, you are the eldest son of the Jinsung Lee family. Make sure to carefully consider every word you speak.

LSJ: Why did you say that you would help me?

GYH: Aw~ I thought you would be grateful. If you aren’t, I’ll just have to leave then.

LSJ: It’s just that you have no reason to help me.

GYH: Reason…Are you really curious? Friendship for a future fellow scholar I shall be living near. A heated loyalty for a fellow guy who may be my friend. A kind heart that wishes for someone else’s deepest desire to come true. You couldn’t honestly have expected answers like these, right? For. Fun. I want to see how far you would go. There is only one way for you to find him. It is dangerous and it involves a big sacrifice. Are you still willing to do it?

LSJ: It is something I have set out to do.


“Maybe this is why they say that a short night lacks nothing of a long night. This short night of ecstasy, I would not exchange it, even for the longest of nights.”

GYH: So it is because of that? You think that the Welcoming Ceremony has rules that are useless and nonsensical, to the point that it should not be followed? So, even though you did go to the minister of Military Affairs’ house, you said that you did not go? You would rather be soaked in a urine pond, than be manipulated around by childish games. Is this your pride? Or is this your stubborn temper? Or even,defiance? It was created for guys like you, this Welcoming Ceremony. Young Masters who come from noble families, who have never bowed their heads to anyone… Insufferable arrogant jerks like you. These things were created to put down superior people like yourself. Why? Because this is SungKyunKwan. No matter who your father is, how many houses your family have, everyone here is a freshman when they first enter. So stop being so imperious, and stop being so conceited. This is a lesson from the Seniors. Don’t take it too seriously.

LSJ: But from the looks of it… Senior, you have never gone through the Welcoming Ceremony. No Scholar have worn such luxurious apparel that you always seem to be wearing. You’re simply flaunting the wealth of your Father by wearing silk garments.

GYH: Very intelligent. His Royal Highness does indeed have an intuition on the judgments of people.

MJS: You’re saying that I’m a Noron? Jerk. That is the most revolting thing I’ve ever heard.

LSJ: Unnecessary expectations, are bad for your health, Head Scholar.

HIS: I am sorry, Kim Yoon Shik. I am apologizing to you on their behalf. But don’t feel regretful, for these are the warm hearts of the Seniors that are keen on teaching their Juniors. Depending on your choice, SungKyunKwan… Can either be heaven, or hell, Kim Yoon Shik. Just which tree will you hide under to avoid the rain? It should be time for you to consider your options. Since His Royal Highness likes to make exceptions, ignoring the laws and the order of things by directly allowing you to become a SungKyunKwan Scholar. Therefore, use your intelligent brain well. No matter where and when, I will always be watching over you. Your voice, your footsteps, your breath… Everything. So Kim Yoon Shik, don’t you ever make me angry again. I do not want to show you who I, Ha In Soo, am… by hurting your small, woman-like figure. I do not want to do such a burdensome thing.

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