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Monday, July 12, 2010

Man's Best Friend, Head First

This is Pitchi, my Father's dog, Chichi no inu desu. Mother of all our dog, My dog best friend. Pitchi is 8 years old her birthday is December 16. When we eat together with my family, she know what time we eat. she starting to sing like (awoo, aw, aw, aw) hahahaha. And speak like (arf, aw, arf, aw). That means she like to eat now too. Its funny when you heard some dogs sing and speak. Sing more Pitchi♥
This is Missy. My Mother's Dog, Atashi no Okaasan no inu desu. She is 5 years old, Her birthday is July 11. She really love to eat a lot. When she was sleep in the chair (that chair is what i seat when i watch t.v) and when she saw me getting the remote of our t.v, she's the one who get down in the chair and transfer to the another chair. Because she know that was my favorite place. Thanks for that Missy♥
This is Chocolite. This is my Dog, Watashi no inu desu. She is 8 years old, her birthday is same birth of month of Pitchi, December 10. I teach chocolite how to catch ball when she was a puppy. She really love to play. But when she get tired and lazzy im the one who catch the ball(Huhuhuhuh) but its funny. She reallylove to take a bath when she saw me carried her stuff for her bath. she's the one instant go to her place where she taking her bath. Keep it up Chocolite♥
This is Bubbles.This our Dog, ware ware no inu desu. She is 3 years old, her birthdayid August 10. She is so Naughty but cute and kind to all. Sometimes, no i think often she scared in our cat (hahahhaha) its was funny to see and heard that dog is afraid to cat. But now she's not afraid anymore (i dont think so)(hahahhaha). Sheknow how to open the door locked. (the door between our living room and kitchen)(my mom and my dad's dog are there in our living room) when bubbles open the door in our living room. My Auntie saw it and she ran fast went toher bedroom she is afraid to thebig dogs. Finally bubbles know now how to play with our cats.That's good bubbles♥

Dog's are Man's Best Friend, When you treat them right and nice. They will treat you good too.They remember what you did to them, and they also do it to you. Love you're pets, as you love you're friends♥

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Hi I never got to thank you for the comment! Seems like you have a cute blog:3