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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ballroom Time

Before were going to ballroom. I take some picture of me.. hahahahaha... i don't know what i going to do. I'm a little bit nervous, not to dance i don't what i feel hahahaha.. kind of weird. I'm look like baka hahahaha...
wearing that kind of skirt i don't know what i look like. sure thing i'm baka.. hahahahaha
If i really look like this, i don't know what im going to do. hahahaha.. its only edited by me.. i have a black eyed, scractch on my face and my nose wahuhuhu.... But trying to be happy.. hahahahah.. theres a peace sign..
Do i look like a boyish, hahahhahah.. i don't think so.. but i like that one too, to be a boy sometimes.. hahahahaha.. really baka..
Nyaaaa.. it's time for dance. My mom and her friend its like auntie to me. They want to learn how to dance. Our dance instructor they are really good. Many people there this ballroom i think start 6pm and end 11:30pm. then we got home past 12 in the morning.. My mom wearing pink and her dance instructor wearing black or brown his name is MArk i call him kuya. And my auntie wearing stripe and her dance instructor wearing black. I'm the only one young there. They all shocked when my 1st visit there because all of there is older than me. I'm happy too,and they call me baby hahahhaha.. its not boring i met many kind of people. i love to dance with them. And make some new friends. Till here next time i post more.

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