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Thursday, June 16, 2011

BaCk To ScHooL 2nd YeAr CoLLege!

This is the 1st day of school, waaaahhhh.. at first really nervous niyahaha.. but after that when i saw my old classmates i am really !!


We're goes to Walter Mart we're bought something good. Like this Prince of Tennis June issue. hahaha... But i didn't bought this because i don't like niyahaha.. i want to be the cover in Tezuka or Fuji.. Hahaha...

i take a photo of it.. Hahahhaa
we bought ice cream!! cornetto!! hahaha.. it's really yummy!!

This is my Ice Cream!! i forgot the flavor!! hahahah!!


Ƭιℓℓ нɛяɛ! Ƨɛɛ ʏσʋ иɛϰт тιмɛ нαнαнα

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